Group Psychology and The Analysis Of The Ego
Group Psychology and The Analysis Of The Ego
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In Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego (1922) Sigmund Freud based his preliminary description of group psychology on Le Bon's work but went on to develop his own original theory related to what he had begun to elaborate in Totem and Taboo. Theodor Adorno reprised Freud's essay in 1951 with his Freudian Theory and the Pattern of Fascist Propaganda and said that "It is not an overstatement if we say that Freud though he was hardly interested in the political phase of the problem clearly foresaw the rise and nature of fascist mass movements in purely psychological categories.

Chapter I


The contrast between Individual Psychology and Social or Group Psychology which at a first glance may seem to be full of significance loses a great deal of its sharpness when it is examined more closely. It is true that Individual Psychology is concerned with the individual man and explores the paths by which he seeks to find satisfaction for his instincts; but only rarely and under certain exceptional conditions is Individual Psychology in a position to disregard the relations of this individual to others. In the individual's mental life someone else is invariably involved as a model as an object as a helper as an opponent and so from the very first Individual Psychology is at the same time Social Psychology as well in this extended but entirely justifiable sense of the words.
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