James Mellaart The Journey to Çatalhöyük
James Mellaart The Journey to Çatalhöyük
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  • 9786053965237
James Mellaart was a pioneering archaeologist who made some of the greatest discoveries about Turkey's prehistoric past changing our understanding of the late stone age forever. His excavation of the huge Neolithic mound site of Çatalhöyük now a World Heritage Site brought revolutionary evidence of a complex prehistoric town revealing previously undreamt of art and culture and making him famous. However there was far more to the man than his archaeology his troubled childhood fierce identity love for Turkish culture as well as the controversies by which he was dogged meant that his life was filled with adventure and exoticism. 
This book delves into the life of James Mellaart and his wife Arlette their family histories and historical Istanbul the romantic backdrop to Mellaart's ground-breaking work. His son Alan explores in detail how the lives of his parents and their respective families unfolded set against the social whirl of a summer palace on the Bosphorus. Mellaart's archaeological discoveries and the excitement of excavation are vividly explained in first-hand accounts by those who were there at the time. Historical reports eyewitness accounts from those who knew him and assessments of the impact of both Mellaart's work and character by leading academics show the undoubted importance of his contribution to the archaeology of Turkey and the wider Near East. Richly illustrated in colour throughout here for the first time the reader encounters previously unseen archive materials including Mellaart's personal notebooks and accounts giving new perspective on one of the greatest and most controversial characters in the history of archaeology.     
Preface / Alan Mellaart Emma L Baysal
Prologue: The Skeleton Cleaning Club: Childhood Memories of Çatal Hüyük / Alan Mellaart
The life of James Mellaart / Alan Mellaart
Arlette Mellaart: A Journey to Archaeology / Alan Mellaart
Bohemia on the Bosphorus / Arlette Mellaart
Safvet Pasha / Sinan Kuneralp
Kadri and Ulviye Cenani / Alan Mellaart
James Mellaart: A Man Addicted to Archaeology / Mehmet Özdoğan
Extracts From The Interval: A Life in Near Eastern Archaeology / Seton Lloyd
Working with Jimmy and Arlette Mellaart from 1955 to 1958 / David Stronach
James Mellaart and Hacılar / Maxime Brami
'Jimmy Bey of Hacılar' and someMemories of Fifty Years / Refik Duru
Notes on the Çatal Hüyük Excavations / Ian Todd
Letters from Çatalhöyük / Grace Huxtable
Mellaart's Notebooks: The Story of Çatalhöyük's First Days / Emma L. Baysal
Working With Arlette and James Mellaart at Kanlıca in 1964: Those were the Days / Peder Mortensen
Jimmy and Arlette Mellaart at Çatal Hüyük / John Ingham
James Mellaart and Çatalhöyük: An Evaluation / Ian Hodder
One of archaeology's great mysteries: Dorak / Seton Lloyd Kenneth Pearson Patricia Connor David Stronach
Gordon Square / Donald Easton
Memories of Jimmy and Arlette / Ian Hodder
Tribute to James Mellaart / John Carswell
Tribute to James Mellaart / Trevor Watkins
James Mellaart Bibliography
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